Kibana 7.5.1edit

Breaking changesedit

See breaking changes in 7.5.


Machine Learning
  • Enables lat_long detector function in advanced wizard #50787
  • Truncates text in Overview page Latest timestamp column #50004
  • Adds ML node warning to overview and analytics pages #50766
  • Refactors the enter setup mode button #51103

Bug fixesedit

  • Fixes ACM to ensure more than 10 items are displayed #52262
  • Fixes watcher integration #51721
  • Fixes axisConfig position argument UI #50717
  • Fixes histogram min interval #52758
Machine Learning
  • Fixes escape special characters for Lucene query language #50494
  • Fixes info content detector field selection #51914
  • Fixes word wrap in Overview page sidebar on IE #50668
  • Fixes lat_long anomalies table links menu and value formatting #50916
  • Fixes loading of data visualizer with KQL saved search #51882
  • Fixes a cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw in Coordinate and Region Map visualizations. An attacker could create a malicious visualization that executes JavaScript in a victim’s browser when the visualization, or dashboard containing the visualization, was viewed. Since Kibana 7.0.0, Content Security Policy (CSP), which prevents attackers from using this flaw, is enabled by default. However, an attacker can still inject arbitrary HTML into the page. See, CVE-2019-7621.
  • Prevents users from overflowing URL when filtering by shape #50747
  • Delays vector tile layer syncing until spritesheet is loaded #48955
  • Sanitizes attribution #52309
  • Fixes Logstash pipelines page in multi-cluster environment #50166
  • Improves permissions required around setup mode #50421
  • Prevents xpack.task_manager.index being set to .tasks #52002
  • Fixes elasticsearch.ssl.alwaysPresentCertificate default #52242
Querying & Filtering
  • Fixes operator overflowing out popover #50030
  • Removes react-router-dom warning in browse #52008
  • Shows keyword fields for pre-7.3 index patterns #52410