Kibana 7.5.2edit

See breaking changes in 7.5.

Bug fixesedit

  • Handles double quote special case #54474
Dashboard, Discover, Visualize
  • Fixes icon path in tutorial introduction #49684
  • Fixes filter pill label for filters with negated alias #50743
  • Adds domain fit option for 0 opacity TSVB line charts #54314
Machine Learning
  • Corrects URL of the create job tips docs page #53576
  • Kibana 7.0.0 URL field formatter doesn’t render relative hyperlinks properly #53789
  • Fixes index pattern without timefield filter application #54757
  • Fixes regression that prevents maps telemetry from populating. Removes unneeded task manager logic #52834
  • Adds error state for unstructured logs #53299
  • Ensures setup mode works in a ccs environment #54361
  • Fixes search field visibility on space selector screen #54115
  • Forces line break if username is a solid long string #50807


  • Passes termOrder and hasTermsAgg properties to serializeThresholdWatch function #54391

    A regression was introduced into 7.5.0 that caused a particular configuration of Threshold Watches to fail or erroneously trigger if they were created or edited in 7.5. If you’ve created or edited a Threshold Watch with a "GROUPED OVER" condition set to top with Kibana 7.5.0, you’ll need to upgrade to a version of Kibana that contains this fix and recreate these watches.

    The easiest way to do this is to go to the edit screen of the Threshold Watch in the UI and simply click the Save button. This will recreate the watch with the proper configuration. No other changes to the watch will be necessary on your part.

    rn 7.5.2