Breaking changes in 7.5


Breaking changes in 7.5edit

This page discusses the breaking changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to Kibana 7.5.

The default setting for courier:batchSearches is now falseedit

Details: Changing the default setting for courier:batchSearches to false means that search requests will use the _search Elasticsearch endpoint rather than _msearch.

Impact: Dashboard panels will load individually, and search requests will terminate when users navigate away or update the query.

The experimental Code app has been removededit

Details: The experimental Code app that was previously disabled by default has been removed. Due to the existing implementation of code being untenable, we’ve decided not to pursue further development of the code app at this time.

Impact: Any installs that previously enabled the Code app will now log a warning when Kibana starts up. It’s safe to remove all configurations starting with xpack.code.. Starting in 8.0, these warnings will become errors that prevent Kibana from starting up.