Discover your dataedit

Using Discover, enter an Elasticsearch query to search your data and filter the results.

  1. Open Discover.

    The shakes* index pattern appears.

  2. To make ba* the current index, click the index pattern dropdown, then select ba*.

    By default, all fields are shown for each matching document.

  3. In the search field, enter:

    account_number<100 AND balance>47500

    The search returns all account numbers between zero and 99 with balances in excess of 47,500. Results appear for account numbers 8, 32, 78, 85, and 97.

    tutorial discover 2
  4. Hover over the list of Available fields, then click add next to each field you want include as a column in the table.

    For example, when you add the account_number field, the display changes to a list of five account numbers.

    tutorial discover 3