Code Settings in Kibanaedit

Unless you are running multiple Kibana instances as a cluster, you do not need to change any settings to use Code by default. If you’d like to change any of the default values, copy and paste the relevant settings below into your kibana.yml configuration file.

Repo update frequency in milliseconds. Defaults to 300000.
Repo index frequency in milliseconds. Defaults to 86400000.
Whether to support maven. Defaults to true.
Whether to support gradle. Defaults to false.
Whether to enable node dependency download. Defaults to true.
Whitelist of hostnames for git clone address. Defaults to [ '', '', '', '', '',].
Whitelist of protocols for git clone address. Defaults to [ 'https', 'git', 'ssh' ].
Whether enable HTTPS certificate check when clone from HTTPS URL.
Maximal number of workspaces each language server allows to span. Defaults to 5.
URL of the Code node. This config is only needed when multiple Kibana instances are set up as a cluster. Defaults to ``
Set this config to true to log all events. Defaults to false