Use the Uptime UI to monitor the status of network endpoints via HTTP/S, TCP, and ICMP. You will be able to explore status over time, drill into specific monitors, and view a high-level snapshot of your environment at a selected point in time.

Add monitorsedit

To get started with Uptime monitoring, you’ll need to define some monitors and run Heartbeat. These monitors will provide the data we will be visualizing in the Uptime UI. See Configure Heartbeat for instructions on configuring monitors to begin storing Uptime information in your cluster.

Uptime, Heartbeat, and Kibanaedit

For Uptime to work, it is important you use the same major versions of Heartbeat and Kibana. For example, version 6.7 of Kibana will expect an index of heartbeat-6*, while Kibana 7.0 requires an index of heartbeat-7* (containing documents from Heartbeat 7.0).