Limitations of this releaseedit

This functionality is in beta and is subject to change. The design and code is less mature than official GA features and is being provided as-is with no warranties. Beta features are not subject to the support SLA of official GA features.

Ingest Manager is currently only available to users with the superuser role. This role is necessary to create indices, install integration assets, and update Elastic Agent configurations. In order to use Fleet, the Elastic Agents must have a direct network connection to Kibana and Elasticsearch. It is also possible to run the Elastic Agents in standalone mode in cases where a network connection is not available or not needed.

This feature has additional limitations at the current time:

  • Support for a limited number of integrations (more coming soon)
  • Support for only Filebeat, Metricbeat, and Endpoint Security
  • No output to Logstash, Kafka, or other remote clusters
  • No proxy support in Elastic Agent
  • Requires internet access for Kibana to download integration packages
  • No support for advanced Beats settings like multiline, processors, and so on
  • No support for Kubernetes or Docker autodiscovery
  • On Elastic Cloud, there’s a limit to the number of enrolled Elastic Agents that a single Kibana instance can handle:

    Kibana instance size logo cloud Max. number of Elastic Agents







Beta releases are not officially supported, but we encourage you to report issues in our discuss forum.