What’s new in 7.15edit

Here are the highlights of what’s new and improved in Elasticsearch 7.15!

For detailed information about this release, see the Release notes and Migration guide.

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Index disk usage APIedit

There’s a new API that supports analyzing the disk usage of each field of an index, including the entire index itself. The API estimates the disk usage of a field by iterating over its content and tracking the number of bytes read. Refer to analyze index disk usage API.

Search vector tile APIedit

There’s a new endpoint for generating vector tiles from geospatial data stored in Elasticsearch. This capability is useful for any application that wants to render geospatial information stored in Elasticsearch on a map. Refer to search vector tile API.

Composite runtime fieldsedit

Runtime fields support both grok and dissect patterns, but previously emitted values for a single field only. You can now emit multiple values from a single field using composite runtime fields. Refer to define a composite runtime field.