7.5.0 release highlightsedit

Enrich processoredit

A new enrich ingest processor has been added, which can enrich documents with data from another index.

Shape support in SQLedit

SQL functionality that worked for geo_shape will now work for the shape field type introduced in 7.4.

Snapshot lifecycle management retentionedit

There is a new snapshot lifecycle management retention, which allows you to delete older snapshots automatically through a custom policy’s schedule.

Pause cross-cluster replicationedit

New pause and resume API endpoints for cross-cluster replication have been added, which enable you to temporarily pause auto-follow patterns.

Machine learning classification analysisedit

Classification analysis is a supervised machine learning process for predicting a class or category of a given data point in a dataset. For example, it can determine whether an email is spam or not. Classification is for predicting discrete, categorical values, unlike regression analysis, which predicts continuous, numerical values. 7.5.0 introduces binary classification, which can label data points into two possible categories.