Elasticsearch X-Pack version 6.0.0-rc1


  • The xpack.security.authc.token.passphrase is deprecated. If this setting is not used, the cluster automatically generates a key, which is the recommended method. See Security settings.


  • Added requirement for TLS/SSL when a cluster with security is running in production. If you try to upgrade to a production license when security is enabled, the upgrade is not successful until you configure TLS. For more information, see Setting Up SSL/TLS on a Cluster.
  • Added bootstrap check that enforces the use of TLS when security is enabled and you are using a production license.

Bug Fixes

Machine Learning
  • Fixed problem with dropped or duplicated data when datafeeds used aggregations.
  • Fixed problems when model plot is enabled and there are sparse metrics.
  • Improved modeling of long-term trends.
  • Fixed a bug in calculation of mean values for seasonal components.
  • Added more accurate adherence to model memory limit.
  • Fixed the email message when cluster license expiration issues are resolved.
  • Added ability infer the keystore type from its pathname when the type is not specified.
  • Added usability improvements for the password bootstrap tool. For more information, see setup-passwords.
  • Fixed Watcher such that it loads only active watches.