Elasticsearch X-Pack version 6.0.0-beta2


Machine Learning


Machine Learning
  • Added the keystore.seed setting to create a randomly generated bootstrap password if an actual password is not present.
  • The bootstrap.password secure setting is now managed locally on each node and no longer updates the security index.
  • The xpack.security.authc.token.passphrase setting is no longer mandatory when using the token service. The cluster automatically generates a secure key on startup. See Security Settings in Elasticsearch.
  • Added reserved kibana_dashboard_only_user role. For more information, see Kibana Dashboard Only Mode.

Bug Fixes

Machine Learning
  • Fixed calculation of bucket count and empty bucket count statistics.
  • The xpack.security.authc.token.enabled setting now defaults to true when HTTPS is enabled. See Token Service Settings.
  • Improved the safety of file updates in the x-pack/users tool.
  • Bootstrap checks no longer fail when checking secure settings.
  • The setup-password tool no longer fails when using a default elasticsearch.yml configuration file.
  • Fixed validation of the input parameters in the create token API.
  • Ensured that a watch can be activated and deactivated during execution.
  • Ensured watch execution always uses the latest watch including its latest status.