Elasticsearch X-Pack version 6.0.0-rc2


Machine Learning
  • Added the xpack.ml.max_model_memory_limit setting, which can be dynamically updated. For more information, see Machine Learning Settings.
  • Added checks and error messages for the ml.enabled and ml.max_open_jobs node attributes. These are reserved for internal use and their values should be set by using xpack.ml.enabled and xpack.ml.max_open_jobs machine learning settings.
  • Improved the error messages that are returned by the setup-passwords command.
  • Added verification that the required templates exist before Watcher starts. For more information, see Scripts and Templates.
  • Added the xpack.watcher.history.cleaner_service.enabled setting. You can use this setting to enable or disable the cleaner service, which removes previous versions of Watcher indices (for example, .watcher-history*) when it determines that they are old. For more information, see Watcher Settings.

Bug Fixes

Machine Learning
  • Fixed a scenario where models were incorrectly combined. This problem occurred when anomaly detectors were considered to be the same despite having different partition field values.
  • Cleaned up the job closure process for situations where the job was still in the process of opening.
  • Enabled PKI realms to obtain the password for the truststore from either the truststore.secure_password or the truststore.password setting. For more information, see PKI realm settings.
  • Fixed document level security such that if your role has authority to access a root document, you also have access to its nested documents.
  • Fixed an issue that caused LDAP authentication requests to be slow and to require multiple binds when authenticating in user search mode.