Check your subscription overviewedit

You can find more details about your subscription in the Billing overview page. To navigate there:

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Select the user icon on the header bar and select Billing from the menu.
  3. Go to the Overview page.

In the first section, you can find your subscription level, as well as your contract type: monthly or annual. Here you can change your subscription level.

In the second section, you can check the date when your next invoice or usage statement will be issued.

Customers on the prepaid consumption model can see their subscription overview in the Billing subscription page, and high level details about their usage in the Billing overview page.

View account detailsedit

If you have an annual subscription billed using the prepaid consumption model, you can check details of your available credits in the Account details section.

When you buy ECU to pay for your Elasticsearch Service usage, they are contracted through a purchase order consisting of one or more order lines. Each order line has a number of attributes:

The quantity of Elastic Consumption Units purchased through an order line and used to cover your consumption.
Your Elasticsearch Service resource consumption quantified in ECU. Resources consumed include capacity (RAM-hours), data transfer (data inter-node and data out), and snapshot storage (storage size or snapshot API calls). These three consumption types are generally known as billing dimensions.
Remaining balance
The quantity of ECU remaining on an order line. This is calculated as the original amount of credits purchased minus the credits used so far.
Start date
The date when the credits belonging to an order line can begin to be used to offset your consumption.
Expiration date
The date until which the purchased credits are valid and can be used to offset consumption. After this date, any unused credits are forfeited.

An order line can have one of the following statuses:

  • Active: this means that the start date is in the past and the expiration date is in the future.
  • Expired: The expiration date for the line item is before the current date.
  • Future: The start date for the line item is after the current date.
List unit price
The list price paid for one ECU, in the transacted currency. This price does not include any discounts.
Discount rate
The discount percentage applied to the list unit price of one ECU.
Paid amount
The currency cost of the purchased credits. This is calculated as Credits x List unit price x (100 - Discount rate)/100.