Choose a subscription leveledit

When you decide to add your credit card and become a paying customer, you can choose a subscription level that includes the features you are going to use. On our pricing page, you can see a complete list of features by subscription level.

If, at any time during your monthly subscription with Elastic Cloud, you decide you need features on a higher subscription level, you can easily make changes. You can both upgrade to a higher subscription level, or downgrade to a lower one.

To change your subscription level:

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Select your deployment on the home page in the Elasticsearch Service card or go to the deployments page.
  3. Go to Account and then Billing.
  4. Click Change my subscription.
  5. Choose a new subscription level.
  6. Save your changes.

Changing to a higher subscription level takes place immediately. Instead, any changes to a lower subscription level take effect in the next billing cycle. This means that you still pay the current level rate for the rest of the month. However, customers in their first billing cycle are allowed to immediately change to a lower subscription level.