Monitor and analyze your account usageedit

Information about your current Elasticsearch Service subscription usage is available directly from the Elasticsearch Service Console and includes:

  • Current capacity hourly rate, for all deployments
  • Usage so far this month, including data transfer and storage
  • For customers with annual prepaid credits, the total value of credits to be applied in the current billing cycle

You can check the detailed usage for a selected time range grouped either by product or by deployment.

To access your account usage:

  1. Log in to the Elasticsearch Service Console.
  2. Open the user menu in the header bar.
  3. Select Billing under the user menu.
  4. Go to the Usage page.

The usage breakdown information visible on the Usage page is an estimate, and does not include prepaid credits, free allowances or any discounts. To get the exact amount you owe for a given month, check your invoices in the billing history.