Prometheus Input

Collects metrics from Prometheus exporter.

0.6.0 (View all)
Compatible Kibana version(s)
8.13.0 or higher
Supported Serverless project types

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This input package can collect metrics from Prometheus Exporters (Collectors). It gives users the flexibility to add custom mappings and ingest pipelines.


Scraping from a Prometheus exporter

To scrape metrics from a Prometheus exporter, configure the hosts setting to it. The path to retrieve the metrics from (/metrics by default) is appended to the hostname as below:

Host Configuration Format: http[s]://<hostname>:<port>/<metrics_path> Example Host Configuration: http://localhost:9090/metrics

Histograms and types

Use Types parameter (default: true) enables a different layout for metrics storage, leveraging Elasticsearch types, including histograms

Rate Counters parameter (default: true) enables calculating a rate out of Prometheus counters. When enabled, integration stores the counter increment since the last collection. This metric provides better aggregation. This parameter can only be enabled in combination with Use Types.

When Use Types and Rate Counters are enabled, metrics are stored like this:

    "prometheus": {
        "labels": {
            "instance": "",
            "job": "prometheus"
        "prometheus_target_interval_length_seconds_count": {
            "counter": 1,
            "rate": 0
        "prometheus_target_interval_length_seconds_sum": {
            "counter": 15.000401344,
            "rate": 0
        "prometheus_tsdb_compaction_chunk_range_seconds": {
            "histogram": {
                "values": [50, 300, 1000, 4000, 16000],
                "counts": [10, 2, 34, 7]

Filtering metrics

In order to filter out/in metrics one can make use of Metrics Filters Include, Metrics Filters Exclude settings:

Metrics Filters Include: ["node_filesystem_*"]
Metrics Filters Exclude: ["node_filesystem_device_*"]

The configuration above will include only metrics that match node_filesystem_* pattern and do not match node_filesystem_device_*.

To keep only specific metrics, anchor the start and the end of the regexp of each metric:

  • the caret ^ matches the beginning of a text
  • the dollar $ matches the end of a text
Metrics Filters Include: ["^node_network_net_dev_group$", "^node_network_up$"]

Datastream Dataset Name

The users of the Prometheus Input Package have the option of adding their own dataset name, to which the events get added. Prometheus Metrics from different services can be collected by adding multiple instances of Input package. The metrics can be filtered on the basis of dataset name.


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Enhancement View pull request
Add processor support for input data stream.


Enhancement View pull request
ECS version updated to 8.11.0. Update the kibana constraint to ^8.13.0. Modified the field definitions to remove ECS fields made redundant by the ecs@mappings component template.


Enhancement View pull request
Enable secrets for sensitive fields. For more details, refer


Bug fix View pull request
Disable secrets for older stack versions due to errors.


Enhancement View pull request
Enable 'secret' for the sensitive fields, supported from 8.12.


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Update the package format_version to 3.0.0.


Bug fix View pull request
Fix test failure by upgrading the docker image version to the latest.


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Add system test cases


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Fix the typos in package


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Update the url's in README


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Rename ownership from obs-service-integrations to obs-infraobs-integrations


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Add base fields mappings


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Initial draft of the Prometheus Input Package

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