Job creation failure due to mapping clashedit

This problem occurs when you try to create a job.


  • Illegal argument exception occurs when you click Create Job in Kibana or run the create job API. For example: Save failed: [status_exception] This job would cause a mapping clash with existing field [field_name] - avoid the clash by assigning a dedicated results index or Save failed: [illegal_argument_exception] Can't merge a non object mapping [field_name] with an object mapping [field_name].


This issue typically occurs when two or more jobs store their results in the same index and the results contain fields with the same name but different data types or different fields settings.

By default, machine learning results are stored in the .ml-anomalies-shared index in Elasticsearch. To resolve this issue, click Advanced > Use dedicated index when you create the job in Kibana. If you are using the create job API, specify an index name in the results_index_name property.