Monitoring Kibanaedit

To monitor Kibana:

  1. Install X-Pack. See Installing X-Pack.
  2. Kibana automatically sends metrics to the Elasticsearch cluster specified in the elasticsearch.url property in kibana.yml, which defaults to http://localhost:9200.

    You can set the xpack.monitoring.elasticsearch.url in kibana.yml to specify the Elasticsearch cluster that Kibana should retrieve monitoring data from. This enables you to use a single Kibana instance to search and visualize data in your production cluster as well as monitor data sent to a dedicated monitoring cluster.

  3. Restart Kibana.
  4. To verify your X-Pack monitoring configuration, point your web browser at your Kibana host, and select Monitoring from the side navigation. Metrics reported from Kibana should be visible in the Kibana section. When security is enabled, to view the monitoring dashboards you must log in to Kibana as a user who has both the kibana_user and monitoring_user roles. For example:

    POST /_xpack/security/user/stack-monitor
      "password" : "changeme",
      "roles" : [ "kibana_user", "monitoring_user" ]