Delete Jobs

The delete job API enables you to delete an existing anomaly detection job.


DELETE _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/<job_id>


All job configuration, model state and results are deleted.

Deleting a job must be done via this API only. Do not delete the job directly from the .ml-* indices using the Elasticsearch DELETE Document API. When X-Pack security is enabled, make sure no write privileges are granted to anyone over the .ml-* indices.

Before you can delete a job, you must delete the datafeeds that are associated with it. See Delete Datafeeds.

It is not currently possible to delete multiple jobs using wildcards or a comma separated list.

Path Parameters

job_id (required)
(string) Identifier for the job


You must have manage_ml, or manage cluster privileges to use this API. For more information, see Cluster Privileges.


The following example deletes the event_rate job:

DELETE _xpack/ml/anomaly_detectors/event_rate

When the job is deleted, you receive the following results:

  "acknowledged": true