Getting Started with Watcheredit

This getting started guide walks you through setting up alerting and creating your first watches, and introduces the building blocks you’ll use to create custom watches.

To get started with alerting and notification:

  1. Install X-Pack on each node in your cluster.
  2. Start Elasticsearch.

  3. Verify that Watcher is enabled, by calling the Watcher Stats API:

    GET _xpack/watcher/stats

    You haven’t set up any watches yet, so the watch_count is zero and the execution_thread_pool queue is empty:

      "watcher_state" : "started",
      "watch_count" : 0,
      "execution_thread_pool" : {
        "queue_size" : 0,
        "max_size" : 0
      "manually_stopped" : false

Ready to start building watches? Choose one of the following scenarios: