Google Drive connector

Ingest all of your Google Drive files into Workplace Search.

This includes spreadsheets, docs, slides, and your Drive files.

The Google Drive Connector requires that you create an OAuth App within Google.


Login to Google’s developer console:

You will need to create a project, then add the Google Drive API to it.

After logging in, click Create where requested:

Figure 37. Connecting Google Drive

Fill in the project information in a way that best suits your organization.

Make sure that you create this app with a trusted and stable Google account!

We recommend creating a team-owned account for only this app. If access is lost, we cannot help.

Next you will be asked to search among many different APIs.

Use the search bar to find the Google Drive API:

Figure 38. Connecting Google Drive

Click on it, and then click Enable:

Figure 39. Connecting Google Drive

You will be prompted to Create Credentials:

Figure 40. Connecting Google Drive

Select Google Drive API as the API you are using. You will call it from Web browser to access User data:

Figure 41. Connecting Google Drive

After clicking on What credentials do I need?, you will need to setup OAuth access to the API you have chosen.

Fill it out like so:

  • Application type: Web application.
  • Name: Whichever feels best for you. Workplace Search makes sense, keeps things clear.
  • Authorized JavaScript origins:
  • Authorized redirect url: You’ll need two: (1) http://localhost:3002/ws/org/sources/google_drive/create and (2) http://localhost:3002/ws/sources/google_drive/create.
Figure 42. Connecting Google Drive

Once you have filled everything in, click Create.

Your new credentials will appear:

Figure 43. Connecting Google Drive

Keep them secret!

The app can stay in developer mode. You do not need to publish it.

You may be asked to create an OAuth consent screen at some point in the set-up process.

Click on Credentials from the main developer menu, then Oauth consent screen submenu.

  • Application type: Internal.
  • Application name: Whatever you’d like. Workplace Search makes sense.
  • Application logo: Whatever floats your boat!

Before clicking save, you will also need to add scopes:

Figure 44. Connecting Google Drive

Now, click Save.

For the final steps, you must return back to Workplace Search.

Fill in the Client ID and Client Secret then click Save Changes:

Congratulations! It’s time to search.

You can now make the source available to various groups and scale its relevance priority.