Installing Workplace Search


Installing Workplace Searchedit

Elastic Workplace Search is packaged with App Search as a single solution named Elastic Enterprise Search. Deploy Elastic Enterprise Search on Elastic Cloud or run the solution on-premises.

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Deploying on Elastic Cloudedit

Deploy Enterprise Search on Elastic Cloud with the following steps. For more details, see the relevant Elastic Cloud documentation.

Step 1. Log in to Elastic Cloud. If you’re using Elastic Cloud for the first time, create an account. New accounts include a free trial.

Step 2. Within Elastic Cloud, navigate to Create deployment to create your Enterprise Search deployment. If you’re using a new account, your free trial starts you on this screen automatically.

Choose Elastic Enterprise Search.

Optionally, change the values of other fields, such as cloud provider and geographic region.

Click Create deployment to deploy Enterprise Search.

Step 3. While waiting for the deployment to start, download or copy the elastic user password shown on the screen. You don’t need these credentials now, but they are shown only once. Record them securely.

When available, choose Open Enterprise Search, which redirects you to the Enterprise Search home screen.

From the home screen, choose Launch Workplace Search.

You’re ready to use Elastic Workplace Search! Continue with Getting started.

Elastic Cloud documentationedit

For more information about Enterprise Search on Elastic Cloud, refer to the following Elastic Cloud documentation:

Resetting the Enterprise Search passwordedit

If you lose the password for the elastic user, you’ll need to reset it through the Elastic Cloud console. Navigate to the specific deployment within Elastic Cloud, and then click Manage and Reset password to get to the Security screen. From there, click Reset password to complete the process.

Running on ECE (Elastic Cloud Enterprise)edit

You can deploy ECE on public or private clouds, virtual machines, or your own premises. ECE has supported Enterprise Search since version 2.6.

Learn how to enable Enterprise Search on ECE.

Running on ECK (Elastic Cloud Kubernetes)edit

Orchestrate Enterprise Search on Kubernetes using Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), which supports Enterprise Search since ECK 1.2.

See Run Enterprise Search on ECK in the ECK documentation.

Running using Linux/MacOS packagesedit

Elastic distributes Linux and MacOS packages for installing Elasticsearch, Kibana and Enterprise Search within your development environment or on production hardware you have provisioned.

See Installation within the Enterprise Search documentation for detailed installation instructions.

After installing and starting all components of Enterprise search solution, you should be able to access the Enterprise Search home screen and choose Launch Workplace Search.

You’re ready to use Elastic Workplace Search! Continue with Getting started.

Running using Docker imagesedit

Elastic distributes Docker images for Enterprise Search for running the solution within your development environment or on production hardware you’ve provisioned.

For help using these images, see Running Enterprise Search using Docker in the Enterprise Search documentation.