Ensure Alerting is already set up in Kibana. For details, see Setup and prerequisites.

Alerting enables you to detect complex conditions defined by a rule within the Logs, Metrics, Uptime, and APM apps. When a condition is met, the rule tracks it as an alert and responds by triggering one or more actions.

Listed on the Alerts page are all of your observability alerts that have met a condition defined by a rule you created using the Logs, Metrics, Uptime, or APM apps.

Not all of the predefined rules in Stack Management will generate and list an alert on the Alerts page. Only alerts generated by rules relating to Logs, Metrics, Uptime, and APM can be viewed on the Alerts page.

Alerting can be centrally managed from the Kibana Management UI and provides a set of built-in rule types and connectors for you to use.

Extend your rules by connecting them to actions that use built-in connectors for email, IBM Resilient, Index, JIRA, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, Server log, ServiceNow ITSM, and Slack. Also supported is a powerful webhook output letting you tie into other third-party systems. Connectors allow actions to talk to these services and integrations.