Create an uptime duration anomaly ruleedit

Within the Uptime app, create an Uptime duration anomaly rule to receive notifications based on the response durations for all of the geographic locations of each monitor. When a monitor runs for an unusual amount of time, at a particular time, an anomaly is recorded and highlighted on the Monitor duration chart.

  1. To access this page, go to Observability > Uptime.
  2. On the Monitors page, select on a monitor, and then click Enable anomaly detection.


For each rule, you can configure which severity level triggers the alert. The default level is critical.

The anomaly score is a value from 0 to 100, which indicates the significance of the anomaly compared to previously seen anomalies. The highly anomalous values are shown in red and the low scored values are indicated in blue.


Score 0 and above.


Score 25 and above.


Score 50 and above.


Score 75 and above.

Uptime response duration rule

Action typesedit

You can extend your rules by connecting them to actions that use the following supported built-in integrations. Actions are Kibana services or integrations with third-party systems that run as background tasks on the Kibana server when rule conditions are met.

You can configure action types on the Settings page.

Uptime rule connectors

Action variablesedit

To customize the notification message, select from a list of variables you would like to include.

Rule message variables