Logstash 7.9.2 Release Notes


Logstash 7.9.2 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

Secret store thread safety issues with multiple pipelinesedit

Since 7.8.0, a change to optimise the speed of loading variables from the Logstash Secret Store could cause Logstash not to be able to start when the feature was used in conjunction with multiple pipelines. This has now been fixed, and you can read the details here: #12236

App Search output startup failureedit

Since 7.9.0, a regression was introduced which prevented pipelines using the Elastic App Search output from starting. This release fixes support for this plugin, you can read the details here: #18, #12251

Compatibility notice: Logstash and JDK 15edit

Logstash is not yet compatible with JDK 15.

While we are working to support JDK 15, we encourage you to use supported JDK versions (8, 11 or 14). See Java (JVM) version for details and the Elastic Support Matrix for the official word on supported versions across products and releases.


Sleep Filter - 3.0.7

  • Changed Fixnum to Integer. Fixnum was deprecated in ruby 2.4. #10

Elastic_app_search Output - 1.1.1

  • Added missed dependency (elastic-app-search) to the gemspec #18. Fixes #17