Logstash 7.17.1 Release Notes


Logstash 7.17.1 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

  • Fixed monitoring incompatibility on Windows where the CPU metric was not available. #13727
  • Recently, users running bin/logstash-plugin to install or update plugins stumbled upon an issue that would prevent Logstash from starting due a third-party dependency update. The dependency was pinned to an older version. #13777
  • Logstash startup and the pqrepair/pqcheck tools have been improved to handle corrupted files in case of an unexpected shutdown. #13692 #13721


Dissect Filter - 1.2.5

  • Fix bad padding -> suffix with delimiter #84

Elasticsearch Filter - 3.11.1

  • Fix: hosts ⇒ "es_host:port" regression #156

Beats Input - 6.2.6

  • Update guidance regarding the private key format and encoding #445

Dead_letter_queue Input - 1.1.10

  • Fix, avoid Logstash crash on shutdown if DLQ files weren’t created #33
  • Fix @metadata get overwritten by reestablishing metadata that stored in DLQ #34

Tcp Input - 6.2.7

  • Build: skip shadowing jar dependencies #187

    • plugin no longer shadows dependencies into its logstash-input-tcp.jar
    • log4j-api is now a provided dependency and is no longer packaged with the plugin

Jdbc Integration - 5.2.3

  • Performance: avoid contention on scheduler execution #103

Tcp Output - 6.0.1

  • Fixed logging fail retry to stdout #43
  • Fixed to use reconnect_interval when establish a connection