Logstash 7.17.2 Release Notesedit

Notable issues fixededit

  • Fixed an issue where the Plugin Manager would upgrade all dependencies in Logstash during an install/update operation of a single plugin. This often caused deployments to break due to unvetted 3rd party gem updates. #13804
  • Fixed an issue where the GeoIP database lookup wasn’t respecting the http_proxy environment variable #13841
  • Improved the consistency of pipeline statistics in the HTTP API during pipeline startup #13845 and #13850
  • Changed .bat scripts to ensure paths are correctly quoted, avoiding startup issues on Windows when paths have spaces #13893
  • Turned on checkpoint write retries by default and increased the number of retries. Windows users should no longer observe AccessDeniedException exceptions related to the Persistent Queue #13931
  • Logstash cli tools will now currectly use the selected JDK under Windows #13863
  • Updated JDK to #13870


Cef Codec - 6.2.4

  • [DOC] Emphasize importance of delimiter setting for byte stream inputs #95

Geoip Filter - 7.2.12

  • [DOC] Add http_proxy environment variable for GeoIP service endpoint. The feature is included in 8.1.0, and was back-ported to 7.17.2 #207

Truncate Filter - 1.0.5

  • Switches behavior of add_tag and add_field, now tags and fields are added only when the truncation happens on any field or nested field #7.

Dead_letter_queue Input - 1.1.11

  • Fix: pre-flight checks before creating DLQ reader #35

Jdbc Integration - 5.2.4

  • Fix: compatibility with all (>= 3.0) rufus-scheduler versions #97

Tcp Output - 6.0.2

  • Fix: unable to start with password protected key #45