Logstash 6.8.7 Release Notesedit

  • Update JrJackson and jackson dependencies #11478
  • Backport SharedHelpers.trap memleak fix to 6.8 #11468


Split Filter

  • Fixed issue where @target optimization would stop event.remove(@field) from being called, which can be expensive with large split fields. #40

File Input

  • Added configuration setting exit_after_read to read to EOF and terminate the input #240
  • Fixed bug in conversion of sincedb_clean_after setting #257
  • Fixed bug in delete of multiple watched files #254
  • Fixed sinceDB to work spaces filename #249
  • Fixed regression in exclude handling. Patterns are matched against the filename, not full path #237

Http Input

  • Revert updates to netty and tcnative since CBC ciphers are still used in many contexts. More about the reasoning can be found here

Csv Output

  • Docs: Correct typos #19
  • Docs: Fix formatting after code sample #22

Pagerduty Output

  • Changed service_key to allow dynamic values #16