Logstash 6.8.6 Release Notesedit

  • Support remove_field on metadata and tests #11334


Fluent Codec

  • Handle EventTime msgpack extension to handle nanosecond precision time and add its parameter #18

Elasticsearch Filter

  • Loosen restrictions on Elasticsearch gem #120

Grok Filter

  • Added support for timeout_scope. Improved grok filter performance in multi-match scenarios. If you’ve noticed some slowdown in grok and you’re using many more workers than cores, this update allows you to configure the timeout_scope setting to improve performance. #153

Elasticsearch Input

  • Loosen restrictions on Elasticsearch gem #110

Gelf Input

  • Updated library to gelfd2 #48

Http Input

  • Update netty and tcnative dependency #118
  • Added 201 to valid response codes #114
  • Documented response\_code option

Jdbc Input

  • Fixed issue where paging settings in configuration were not being honored #361

Rabbitmq Input

  • Docs: Optional queue args: link to RabbitMQ docs instead

Snmp Input

  • Fixed GAUGE32 integer overflow #65
  • Adding oid_path_length config option #59
  • Fixing bug with table support removing index value from OIDs #60
  • Added information and other improvements to documentation #57
  • Added support for querying SNMP tables #49
  • Changed three error messages in the base_client to include the target address for clarity in the logs.