Logstash 5.6.9 Release Notesedit

Fluent Codec

  • Encode tags as fluent forward protocol tags. Ref: #21

Json_lines Codec

  • Support flush method #35

Netflow Codec

  • Workaround for breaking change in Netflow-Input-UDP > 3.2.0 #122
  • Renamed some unknown VMware VDS fields
  • Further improved decoding performance of ASA ACL ids
  • Further improved decoding performance of MAC addresses
  • Improved decoding performance of IPv4 addresses
  • Improved decoding performance of ASA ACL ids
  • Improved decoding performance of mac addresses

Dns Filter

  • Logging improvement to include DNS resolution failure reason #36
  • Fix bug where forward lookups would not cache timeout errors

Grok Filter

Kv Filter

  • bugfix: correctly handle empty values between value separator and field separator (#58)
  • feature: add option to split fields and values using a regex pattern (#55)

Mutate Filter

  • Fix: Number strings using a decimal comma (e.g. 1,23), added convert support to specify integer_eu and float_eu.
  • feature: Added capitalize feature.

Ruby Filter

  • fix return of multiple events when using file based scripts #41

Translate Filter

  • Add refresh_behaviour to either merge or replace during a refresh #57

Beats Input

  • Ensure that the keep-alive is sent for ALL pending batches when the pipeline is blocked, not only the batches attempting to write to the queue. #310
  • Update jackson deps to 2.9.4
  • Improvements to back pressure handling and memory management #301

Exec Input

  • Add metadata data to the event wrt execution duration and exit status
  • Add schedule option to schedule the command to run, using a cron expression

Http Input

  • Make sure default codec is also cloned for thread safety. #80
  • Always flush codec after each request and codec decoding. #81

Jdbc Input

  • Clarify use of use_column_value. Make last_run_metadata_path reference in record_last_run entry clickable. #273
  • Load the driver with the system class loader. Fixes issue loading some JDBC drivers in Logstash 6.2+ #263
  • Fix regression with 4.3.5 that can result in NULL :sql_last_value depending on timestamp format #274
  • Fix long standing bug where setting jdbc_default_timezone loses milliseconds. Force all usage of sql_last_value to be typed according to the settings. #140
  • Fix memory leak #261
  • Open and close connection for each query #147

Redis Input

  • Add support for SSL #61
  • Add support for Redis unix sockets #64

S3 Input

  • Improve error handling when listing/downloading from S3 #144
  • Add documentation for endpoint, role_arn and role_session_name #142
  • Add support for additional_settings option #141

Sqs Input

  • Add documentation for endpoint, role_arn and role_session_name #46
  • Fix sample IAM policy to match to match the documentation #32

Syslog Input

  • Allow the syslog field to be a configurable option. This is useful for when codecs change the field containing the syslog data (e.g. the CEF codec).

Syslog Input

  • Make the grok pattern a configurable option

Udp Input

  • Add metrics support for events, operations, connections and errors produced during execution. #34
  • Fix support for IPv6 #31

Aws Mixin

  • Drop strict value validation for region option #36
  • Add endpoint option to customize the endpoint uri #32
  • Allow user to provide a role to assume #27
  • Update aws-sdk dependency to ~> 2
  • Minor config validation fixes

File Output

  • Add feature write_behavior to the documentation #58

S3 Output

  • Add documentation for endpoint, role_arn and role_session_name #174
  • Add option for additional settings #173
  • Add more S3 bucket ACLs #158
  • Handle file not found exception on S3 upload #144
  • Document prefix interpolation #154