Logstash 5.6.10 Release Notesedit

  • Backport new PQ implementation
  • Fix Cloner to properly clone ruby strings

Netflow Codec

  • Fixes exception when receiving Netflow 9 from H3C devices
  • Added support for Netflow 9 from H3C devices
  • Fixes incorrect definitions of IE 231 and IE 232
  • Fixes exceptions due to concurrent access of IPFIX templates, see issue #134
  • Added support for Netflow 9 reduced-size encoding support
  • Added support for Barracuda IPFIX Extended Uniflow
  • Added support for IPFIX from Procera/NetIntact/Sandvine 15.1

Dns Filter

  • Log timeouts as warn instead of error #43
  • Allow concurrent queries when cache enabled #42

Kv Filter

  • bugfix: improves trim_key and trim_value to trim any sequence of matching characters from the beginning and ends of the corresponding keys and values; a previous implementation limited trim to a single character from each end, which was surprising.
  • bugfix: fixes issue where we can fail to correctly break up a sequence that includes a partially-quoted value followed by another fully-quoted value by slightly reducing greediness of quoted-value captures.

Mutate Filter

  • Fix: when converting to float and float_eu, explicitly support same range of inputs as their integer counterparts; eliminates a regression introduced in 3.3.1 in which support for non-string inputs was inadvertently removed.

S3 Input

  • #136 Avoid plugin crashes when encountering bad files in S3 buckets
  • Log entry when bucket is empty #150
  • Symbolize hash keys for additional_settings hash #148

UDP Input

  • Work around jruby/jruby#5148 by cloning messages on jruby 9k, therefore resizing the underlying byte buffer
  • Fix missing require for the ipaddr library.

S3 Output

  • Symbolize hash keys for additional_settings hash #179
  • Docs: Set the default_codec doc attribute.

Elasticsearch Output

  • Avoid infinite loop by checking for zero body size #737
  • Add support for join based parent indexing (backport of #632) #686