Machine Learning integrationedit

The Machine Learning integration will initiate a new job predefined to calculate anomaly scores on transaction response times. The response time graph will show the expected bounds and add an annotation when the anomaly score is 75 or above. Jobs can be created per transaction type, and based on the average response time. Manage jobs in the Machine Learning jobs management.

Example view of anomaly scores on response times in APM app in Kibana

Create a new machine learning jobedit

To enable machine learning anomaly detection, first choose a service to monitor. Then, select Integrations > Enable ML anomaly detection and click Create job. That’s it! After a few minutes, the job will begin calculating results; it might take additional time for results to appear on your graph.

APM specific anomaly detection wizards are also available for certain Agents. See the machine learning APM anomaly detection configurations for more information.