Managing index lifecycle policiesedit

Your configured policies appear on the Index lifecycle policies page. You can update an existing index lifecycle policy to fix errors or change strategies for newly created indices. To edit a policy, select its name.

][UI for viewing and editing an index lifecycle policy

In addition, you can:

  • View indices linked to the policy. This is important when editing a policy. Any changes you make affect all indices attached to the policy. The settings for the current phase are cached, so the update doesn’t affect that phase. This prevents conflicts when you’re modifying a phase that is currently executing on an index. The changes takes effect when the next phase in the index lifecycle begins.
  • Add the policy to an index template. When an index is automatically created using the index template, the policy is applied. If the index is rolled over, the policies for any matching index templates are applied to the newly created index. For more information, see Index templates.
  • Delete a policy. You can’t delete a policy that is currently in use or recover a deleted index.