Kibana 7.17.0edit

Review the following information about the 7.17.0 release.

Known issueedit

Before you upgrade, review the known issue, then mitigate the impact to your application.

Hidden dashboard titles now appear

If you are using Kibana 7.9.x and earlier, and you upgrade to 7.10.0 to 7.17.2, all hidden panel titles now appear on your dashboards. Impact
Upgrade to Kibana 7.17.3 or later.

Breaking changesedit

There are no breaking changes in the 7.17.0 release.

To review the breaking changes in previous versions, refer to the following:

7.16 | 7.15 | 7.14 | 7.13 | 7.12 | 7.11 | 7.10 | 7.9 | 7.8 | 7.7 | 7.6 | 7.5 | 7.4 | 7.3 | 7.2 | 7.1 | 7.0

Enhancements and bug fixesedit

For detailed information about the 7.17.0 release, review the enhancements and bug fixes.


Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.17.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Lens & Visualizations
  • Allow users to not render suggestions in Lens #115946
  • Avoid to compute over time suggestion for expensive configurations in Lens #115932
Adds telemetry stats for legacy notifications system #122472
Replaces CentOS base image with Ubuntu #118928
  • Response logs emitted by the elasticsearch service include the size of the response body #123173
  • Adds event loop delay histogram percentiles to metrics.ops logger message and meta field #120451
  • Displays event loop delay metrics in the Status page to assist with performance monitoring #121052

Bug Fixesedit

Fixes call to update index alias to hidden #122882
  • Fixes an issue where a workpad element was breaking after changing the expression from expression editor and resizing #122154
  • Repeat image bug with image height fixed #121497
  • Fixes saved search hidden chart can’t be opened when returning to Discover #122745
  • Fixes page up and down navigation in classic table #122742
  • Fixes context view for document ids containing special characters #122737
  • Adds Kibana services provider for embeddable #121621
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.17.0 release information, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Lens & Visualizations
  • Fixes y-axis visibility for Percentile aggregation in XY charts #122162
  • Runs the migration correctly for the drop last bucket in TSVB #121734
  • Fixes percentage mode behavior when multiple metrics are placed on the same axis in XY charts #121610
  • "Bucket script" and "Series Agg" should be active for "timerange" mode in TSVB #121301
Machine Learning
Fixes Anomaly detection’s custom url with special characters #121411
  • Fixes runtime field validations not supporting special script types #122469
  • Allows fields named _timestamp to be non-date types #121772
Fixes map application crashes when leaving map while drawing filter #122353
Fixes telemetry for cases attached to alerts to work across spaces #122477
  • Fixes Uptime alerting fly outs within alerting app #123031
  • Overview link to Exploratory View should not filter by monitor in Uptime #122907
  • Adds a global filter to exploratory view when there is only one series in Uptime #122301
  • Fixes a problem in which the exploratory view would crash if no date ranges were selected in Uptime #122163
  • Fixes a bug where the monitor step details would send more requests than necessary in Uptime #121889
  • Drop requests for overview page data when filter not initialized in Uptime #120031
  • Restores default chart timezone to 'local' in XY charts #123264
  • Adds tooltip for usernames on API Key management page #122488
  • Kibana now shows a more helpful error message when the browser prevents it from using cookies #120944

For information about the features introduced in 7.17.0, refer to What’s new in 7.17.