Breaking changes in 7.11


Breaking changes in 7.11edit

This page discusses the breaking changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to Kibana 7.11.

Ingest Manager plugin renamed Fleetedit

Details: The ingestManager plugin has been renamed fleet.


  • The app url change from /app/ingestManager to /app/fleet.
  • The privilege feature_ingestManager.* is not valid anymore and should be replaced by feature_fleet.*.

via #83200

Reporting plugin added new validation for protocoledit

Details: The Reporting plugin added new validation for protocol strings in Network Policy configurations.

Impact: See Restrict requests with a Reporting network policy. If the kibana.yml has a Reporting network policy before upgrade, the protocol strings must end with a colon. Otherwise, config validation will fail and Kibana will not start.

via #80766

Dropped support for glibc 2.12edit

Details: Kibana 7.11.0 upgrades the Node.js runtime to version 14.16.0. This updated runtime requires glibc 2.16, which drops support for glibc 2.12-based operating systems.

Impact: Supported versions of Kibana are not impacted. You can no longer run Kibana on older operating systems that require glibc 2.12 (for example, CentOS 6). Refer to our support matrix for a list of currently supported operating systems.

via #83425