Kibana 7.11.2edit

The 7.11.2 release includes the following security update, known issue, and bug fixes. For information on the breaking changes, refer to Breaking changes in 7.11.

Security updateedit

When you use the following background API calls, Kibana extends your session and fails to log you out:

  • POST /api/ui_metric/report
  • POST /api/index_management/indices/reload
  • POST /api/index_lifecycle_management/policies?withIndices=true
  • GET /api/remote_clusters
  • GET /api/saved_objects_tagging/tags

To avoid extending the session, use the kbn-system-request header, which indicates that the API call is not a user request.

Known issueedit

When upgrading from 7.11.0 or 7.11.1 to 7.11.2, certain connectors, including those that connect to Jira, ServiceNow, and IBM Resilient, are not properly migrated during the upgrade process, causing them to be deleted.

Impacts include:

  • Kibana Alerts and Actions that have been configured to use the affected connectors will no longer create these actions.
  • Security detection rules that have been configured to use the affected connectors as part of their rule actions will no longer create these actions.
  • Security Case workflow users will need to recreate external connectors before cases can be pushed or updated via the affected connectors.
  • Open cases that were previously connected to third-party systems via the affected connectors will need to be re-connected after the connector(s) are recreated.

If you use these affected connectors, it is recommended to consider delaying the upgrade to 7.11.2, and instead upgrade to 7.12.0 once it is released.

Bug fixesedit

  • For simplistic email servers, set rejectUnauthorized to false #91760
  • Fixes an issue preventing metric-document only services from displaying in the Services overview list #92378
  • Removes custom plot plugins when Canvas is unmounted #90722
Elastic Security
For the Elastic Security 7.11.2 bug fixes, refer to Elastic Security Solution Release Notes.
Lens and visualizations
  • Fixes TSVB chart scroll when legend has many items #91394
  • Use timestamp on brush event instead of iso dates #91483
Machine Learning
  • Fixes geo_shape content causing Data Visualizer to not load correctly #92052
  • Fixes applying missing_bucket configuration to transform request payload #91635
  • Fixes use of undefined value in JS import #92791
  • Fixes an issue where users were unable to configure replicas in the cold phase when searchable snapshots are enabled #92782
  • Fixes ignoreLookback behavior for Snapshot API #91169
  • Fixes an issue where elasticsearch.sniffInterval, elasticsearch.sniffOnConnectionFault, or elasticsearch.sniffOnStart causes an authentication issue when performing requests against the sniffed nodes #91276
  • Fixes session idle timeout #91070