Connecting to Elastic Maps Serviceedit

Elastic Maps Service (EMS) is a service that hosts tile layers and vector shapes of administrative boundaries. If you are using Kibana’s out-of-the box settings, the Maps application is already configured to use EMS.

Requests to EMS are made with two methods:

  • Requests for tile layer meta data, vector shapes meta data, and vector shapes are proxied through the Kibana server.
  • Requests for EMS tiles are made directly from the browser to EMS.

The legacy tilemap and regionmap visualizations make requests directly from the browser to EMS.

Disabling Elastic Maps Serviceedit

You might experience EMS connection issues if your Kibana server or browser are on a private network or behind a firewall. If this happens, you can disable the EMS connection to avoid unnecessary EMS requests.

To disable EMS, change your kibana.yml file.

  1. Set map.includeElasticMapsService to false to turn off the EMS connection.
  2. Set map.tilemap.url to the URL of your tile server. This configures the Maps default tile layer.
  3. (Optional) Set map.regionmap to the vector shapes of the administrative boundaries that you want to use.