Some of the features of Kibana are provided via a REST API, which is ideal for people that want to create an integration with Kibana or that want to automate certain aspects of configuring and deploying Kibana.

Each API in this documentation should be clearly marked as either stable, beta, or experimental. If an API is not marked, it should be considered experimental.

What do these labels mean?

  • Stable APIs should be safe to use extensively in production. Any breaking changes to these APIs should only occur in major versions and will be clearly documented in the breaking changes documentation for that release.
  • Beta APIs are on track to become stable, permanent features of Kibana. Caution should be exercised in their use since it is possible we’d have to make a breaking change to these APIs in a minor version, but we’ll avoid this wherever possible.
  • Experimental APIs are just that - an experiment. An experimental API might have breaking changes in any version of Kibana, or it might even be removed entirely.