Machine Learningedit

As datasets increase in size and complexity, the human effort required to inspect dashboards or maintain rules for spotting infrastructure problems, cyber attacks, or business issues becomes impractical. The X-Pack machine learning features automatically model the normal behavior of your time series data — learning trends, periodicity, and more — in real time to identify anomalies, streamline root cause analysis, and reduce false positives.

X-Pack machine learning runs in and scales with Elasticsearch, and includes an intuitive UI on the Kibana Machine Learning page for creating anomaly detection jobs and understanding results.

You can use the Job Management pane to create and manage jobs and their associated datafeeds:

Job Management

You can use the Settings pane to add scheduled events to calendars and to associate these calendars with your jobs:

Calendar Management

The Anomaly Explorer and Single Metric Viewer display the results of your machine learning jobs. For example:

Single Metric Viewer

The X-Pack machine learning features in Kibana use pop-ups. You must configure your web browser so that it does not block pop-up windows or create an exception for your Kibana URL.

For more information about machine learning, see Machine learning in the Elastic Stack.