Kibana 6.4.3edit

Breaking changesedit

See breaking changes for the changes to be aware of when migrating your application from one version of Kibana to another.


  • Upgrades the minimum yarn version to 1.10.1 #23971

Bug fixesedit

  • Ensures the provided node id is used in a query #23715
  • Preserves the state of cross cluster search #24331
  • Fixes an issue with reporting that could potentially send authentication credentials to third parties (CVE-2018-17245). See this blog post. #24177
  • Fixes an issue with the console API that might allow arbitrary files to be included from the system (CVE-2018-17246). See Security issues. #24398
  • Fixes the editor so that updating aggconfigs in a visualization and then calling vis.updateState() works correctly #22869
  • Fixes a memory leak in vislib, where the scope used for the legend was never destroyed, which caused memory to pile up in a dashboard that has auto-refresh enabled #24134
  • Fixes pie charts so that they work properly when the time window doesn’t have any data #24031