Managing Indicesedit

The Index Management UI enables you to view index settings, mappings, and statistics and perform management operations. These include refreshing, flushing, clearing the cache, merging segments, and closing or deleting indices. The UI provides a convenient way to perform bulk operations on multiple indices.

To open the UI, select Management > Index Management. If security is enabled, you must have the monitor cluster privilege and the view_index_metadata and manage index privileges to view the data. See Security privileges for more information.

Index Management UI

Click the name of an index to display the index summary and access the index settings, mapping, and statistics. The Manage menu in the lower right of the index pane enables you to manage the selected index.

To perform bulk operations, select the checkboxes of the indices you want to modify and choose an operation from the Manage indices menu next to the query bar. To select all indices, select the checkbox in the Name header.

For information about the available management operations, see Indices APIs in the Elasticsearch Reference.