Graph Limitationsedit

Limited Support for Multiple Indicesedit

The Graph API can explore multiple indices, types, or aliases in a single API request, but the assumption is that each "hop" it performs is querying the same set of indices. Currently, it is not possible to take a term found in a field from one index and use that value to explore connections in a different field held in another type or index.

A good example of where this might be useful is if an IP address is found in the remote_host field of an index called "weblogs20160101", you might want to follow that up by looking for the same address in the ip_address field of an index called "knownthreats".

Supporting this behaviour would require extra mappings to indicate that the weblogs' remote_host field contained values that had currency and meaning in the ip_address field of the threats index.

Since we do not currently support this translation, you would have to perform multiple calls to take the values from the weblogs index response and build them into a separate request to the threats index.