Kibana 6.3.1edit


  • [Fixes #19475] Replaces the watch-type-select directive in Watcher with buttons #19782

    management watcher 2 buttons
  • Improves the experience of enabling monitoring collection when the page is set to an absolute time range #19451
  • Bumps node to version 8.11.3 #19861

Bug fixesedit

Machine Learning
  • Fixes issues when watching the scope of single metric viewer data #19029
  • [Fixes #19617] Shows internal indices if Include system indices is toggled on and no other indices exist #19618
  • [Fixes #19483] Adds aria-labelledby to index details flyout to tell screen reader what to announce when the flyout is opened #19776
  • [Fixes #19048] Adds heading hierarchy to Management landing page and role='group' to panels to aid screen reader accessibility #19777
  • [Fixes #19482] Adds aria-label to Indices Management search input #19778
  • [Fixes #19474] Adds described-by attribute to duration-selection directive to make children inputs accessible to screen readers #19779
  • [Fixes #19814] Guards against calling fieldWildcardMatcher or fieldWildcardFilter with undefined #19865
  • Allows the plugin installer to remove an X-Pack plugin if it exists #19327
  • Changes license checker and generator behavior to only add dev dependencies with the --dev flag #19626
  • [Fixes #20017] Updates the X-Pack plugin status anytime the license changes #20018

    When using X-Pack, it was previously possible for Kibana to get stuck in a "red" state, preventing access to the Kibana applications, if Kibana and Elasticsearch were started at the same time. We’ve fixed this issue to ensure that Kibana is always usable when it’s able to talk to Elasticsearch.

  • [Fixes #19320] Adds aria-label to input controls that don’t have a label #19830
  • [Fixes #19191] Shows tooltip when string and integer fields are used for joining region maps to Elasticsearch results #19447