Kibana 6.3.0edit

Breaking Changesedit


As of Kibana 6.3.0, X-Pack is bundled by default in the default distribution. Existing X-Pack users should remove the plugin before upgrading.

There is a known issue preventing bin/kibana-plugin from removing the pre-existing plugin after upgrading. This will be resolved in 6.3.1. If you happen to encounter this issue, there are a few options:

  • Uninstall the plugin before upgrading: bin/kibana-plugin remove x-pack
  • Uninstall the plugin after upgrading: Manually delete the plugins/x-pack directory.
  • Renames saved objects bulk_get and find endpoints #17512

    To support sending larger and more expressive queries to the Saved Objects find API, we added a POST endpoint for find and therefore needed a way to disambiguate the find API from from the POST API used to create Saved Objects.

    Starting in Kibana 6.3, endpoints that are not simple CRUD operations on a single object will be named and their name will start with an underscore. For example, Elasticsearch GET /api/saved_objects is now GET /api/saved_objects/_find, GET /api/saved_objects/{type} is now GET /api/saved_objects/_find?type={type}, and GET /api/saved_objects/bulk_get is now GET /api/saved_objects/_bulk_get.

New Featuresedit

For an overview of the features that were added in 6.3 and how the user experience improved, see 6.3.0 Release Highlights.


Machine learning
  • You can now use cross cluster search in the machine learning features in Kibana. If you have configured a cross cluster index pattern in Kibana, you can use that index pattern when you create jobs.
  • Angular was upgraded to version 1.6.9 #17677

Bug Fixesedit

  • [Fixes #19009] Adds alt text to the icons on the home page for accessibility #19083
Machine Learning
  • [Fixes #18722] Increases the calculated model memory limit #18723
  • [Fixes #17147] Always sends a comma delimited index to support commas in index patterns #17173
  • Fixes issues with autocomplete and bucket aggregations #17695
  • Removes the unsupported type from autocomplete options #17694
  • Fixes an issue with autocomplete in the console #17678

    Endpoint definitions are expected to have unique names, and the code was using the same name for endpoints with overloaded HTTP verb semantics. This code fixes those names by adding a timestamp.

  • Changes the Advanced Node page for Elasticsearch to recognize the write threadpool #18147
  • [Fixes #6688] Adds support for environment variable injection in the kibana.yml file #16988
  • Preserves boom error headers for index pattern exceptions #17725

    This fix resolves the issue with the index pattern APIs not responding with WWW-Authenticate headers on 401s. This caused basic authentication via Kibana to not work properly in some configurations.

  • [Fixes #17611] Sets a minimum width on the range slider control #17620
  • [Fixes #17657] Allows wrapping of the recently viewed items on the Kibana home page #18726
  • [Fixes #18915] Fixes the arrows in the input control so that the up icon moves the control up and the down icon moves the control down #18929
  • [Fixes #18882] Disables an input control when an index pattern no longer exists #18931
  • [Fixes #19252] Fixes copy to the clipboard in Internet Explorer #19281
  • Fixes the date math parser to allow longer expressions #17751
  • Updates the geo_bounds request to inherit from the visualize search source so that all application state filters are applied #17727
  • [Fixes #17839] Normalizes longitudes so that they fall within the acceptable [-180,180] range #18674
  • [Fixes #18765] Fixes problem handling precision changes on a coordinate map when no aggregations are configured #18826
  • [Fixes #18761] Fixes problem when clicking on a map and no aggregation is specified #18825
  • [Fixes #19095] Avoids shard failures when performing geo_bounding_box filter on coordinate maps #19416
  • [Fixes #17623] Fixes negative unit formatting in Timelion #17624
  • [Fixes #12408, #14382] Fixes 0 values in percentage mode #15765
  • [Fixes #17721] Adds proper labeling for pie chart without buckets #17739
  • [Fixes #17352] Removes other bucket configuration from significant terms aggregation #17810
  • [Fixes #15912] Ensures type is defined and has postFlightRequest function #17809
  • Bumps Vega lib version to 3.3.1 to fix problem with how the Vega library manages its dependencies #17829


  • In 6.2.4, if users edit a watch or a logstash pipeline and navigate away from the page without saving, a confirmation modals asks if they want to save the changes. In 6.3, the prompt was disabled to fix #19488 and #19608.