Kibana 6.2.4edit


Machine Learning
  • Adds bucket span to the chart labels in the Single Metric Viewer.
  • Adds checks for web URLs prior to adding to the links menu in the anomalies table.
  • Upgrade Vega libraries: vega-lib to 3.2.1 and vega-lite to 2.3.1 #17314

Bug Fixesedit

  • Fixes unhandled rejection error in Kibana server log.
  • Fixes Pipeline Viewer to correctly format percentages.
Machine Learning
  • Fixes the formatting of HTML characters so that text is rendered correctly.
  • Formats the field name in the tooltip for swimlane labels.
  • Fixes the formatting of partition titles in multi-metric and population job wizards.
  • Adds better support for discarding results of older queries #17148
  • Fixes some Kibana metrics which are not derivatives.
  • Fixes the handing of window resizing to more smoothly resize charts whenever the window size changes.
  • Fixes an issue with the numeric formatter to handle small exponential numbers #17508
  • Fixes deprecation logging warnings #17439
  • Fixes map zoom settings #17367
  • Enables Option change to show on map #17405
  • Adds support for percentiles and percentile ranks to metrics visualizations #17243