Upgrade Assistantedit

The Upgrade Assistant helps you prepare to upgrade from Elasticsearch 5.x to Elasticsearch 6.0. It identifies deprecated settings, simplifies reindexing your pre-5.x indices, and upgrades the internal indices used by Kibana and X-Pack to the format required in 6.0.

To access the Upgrade Assistant, go to Management and click the Upgrade Assistant link in the Elasticsearch section.

Cluster Checkupedit

The first step in preparing to upgrade is to identify any deprecated settings or features you are using. The Cluster Checkup runs a series of checks against your cluster and indices and generates a report identifying any issues that you need to resolve.

To run the Cluster Checkup, go to the Cluster Checkup tab in the Upgrade Assistant. Issues that must be resolved before you can upgrade to Elasticsearch 6.0 appear in red as errors.

If the checkup finds indices that need to be reindexed, you can manage that process with the Reindex Helper. You can also manually reindex or simply delete old indices if you are sure you no longer need them.

Reindex Helperedit

If you have indices created in 2.x, you must reindex them before upgrading to Elasticsearch 6.0. In addition, the internal Kibana and X-Pack indices must be reindexed to upgrade them to the format required in 6.0.

To reindex indices with the Reindex Helper:

  1. Back up your indices using Snapshot and Restore.
  2. Go to the Reindex Helper tab in the Upgrade Assistant.
  3. Click the Reindex button to reindex an index.
  4. Monitor the reindex task that is kicked off.

You can run any number of reindex tasks simultaneously. The processing status is displayed for each index. You can stop a task by clicking Cancel. If any step in the reindex process fails, you can reset the index by clicking Reset.

You can also click Refresh Indices to remove any indices that have been successfully reindexed from the list.

Reindexing tasks continue to run when you leave the Reindex Helper. When you come back, click Refresh Indices to get the latest status of your indices.

When you come back to the Reindex Helper, it shows any tasks that are still running. You can cancel those tasks if you need to, but you won’t have access to the task progress and are blocked from resetting indices that fail reindexing. This is because the index might have been modified outside of your Kibana instance.

Toggle Deprecation Loggeredit

To see the current deprecation logging status, go to the Toggle Deprecation Logging tab in the Upgrade Assistant. Deprecation Logging is enabled by default from Elasticsearch 5.x onward. If you have disabled deprecation logging, you can click Toggle Deprecation Logging to re-enable it. This logs any deprecated actions to your log directory so you can see what changes you need to make to your code before upgrading.