X-Pack Breaking changes in 6.0edit

This section summarizes the changes that you need to be aware of when migrating your application to X-Pack 6.0.

  • When X-Pack security is enabled, reports will only be accessible to the user that created them.
  • When X-Pack security is enabled, user authorization is controlled by the xpack.reporting.roles.allow setting in the kibana.yml which defaults to ['reporting_user']. Users will no longer have access to the underlying X-Pack reporting indices in Elasticsearch when assigned to the built-in reporting_user role. If using custom reporting roles, the privileges to the indices will need to be removed, and the role will need to be added to the xpack-reporting.roles.allow setting.
  • The watch _status field has been renamed to status, as underscores in field names will not be allowed.
  • The built-in HTTP client used in webhooks, the http input and the http email attachment has been replaced. This results in the need to always escape all parts of an URL.
  • The new built-in HTTP client also enforces a maximum request size, which defaults to 10mb.