Run Elastic Agent on GKE managed by Fleetedit

Please follow the steps to run the Elastic Agent on Run Elastic Agent on Kubernetes managed by Fleet page.

Important notes:edit

On managed Kubernetes solutions like GKE, Elastic Agent has no access to several data sources. Find below the list of the non-available data:

  1. Metrics from Kubernetes control plane components are not available. Consequently, metrics are not available for kube-scheduler and kube-controller-manager components. In this regard, the respective dashboards will not be populated with data.
  2. Audit logs are available only on Kubernetes master nodes as well, hence cannot be collected by Elastic Agent.

Autopilot GKEedit

Although autopilot removes many administration challenges (like workload management, deployment automation etc. of kubernetes clusters), additionally restricts access to specific namespaces (i.e. kube-system) and host paths which is the reason that default Elastic Agent manifests would not work.

Specific manifests are provided to cover Autopilot environments.

kube-state-metrics also must be installed to another namespace rather than the default as access to kube-system is not allowed.