Run Elastic Agent on Amazon EKS managed by Fleetedit

Please follow the steps to run the Elastic Agent on Run Elastic Agent on Kubernetes managed by Fleet page.

Important notes:edit

On managed Kubernetes solutions like EKS, Elastic Agent has no access to several data sources. Find below the list of the non available data:

  1. Metrics from Kubernetes control plane components are not available. Consequently metrics are not available for kube-scheduler and kube-controller-manager components. In this regard, the respective dashboards will not be populated with data.
  2. Audit logs are available only on Kubernetes master nodes as well, hence cannot be collected by Elastic Agent.
  3. Fields and orchestrator.cluster.url are not populated. field is used as a cluster selector for default Kubernetes dashboards, shipped with Kubernetes integration.

    In this regard, you can use add_fields processor to add and orchestrator.cluster.url fields for each Kubernetes integration's component:

    Processors configuration.

    - add_fields:
        target: orchestrator.cluster
          name: clusterName
          url: clusterURL