Website search quickstartedit

Implement website search using the web crawler and Elastic App Search.

Prefer more guidance? See Website search tutorial.

  1. Create an Elastic deployment

    Log in to Elastic Cloud (free trial available), and use the UI to create a deployment. Within Advanced settings, change the Enterprise Search Size per zone to 4 GB RAM (or more).

  2. Use the web crawler to sync your website data to an Elasticsearch index

    Within Kibana, navigate to SearchContentElasticsearch indices, and choose Create new index. Use the UI to create an index that the crawler will manage, and begin crawling.

  3. Create an engine from the Elasticsearch index

    Within Kibana, continuing from the index management UI, choose Search engines, then Create an App Search engine. Use the UI to create an App Search engine from your Elasticsearch index.

  4. Generate a search UI to integrate into your website

    Within Kibana, continuing from the App Search engine UI, choose Search UI. Use the UI to generate and download a complete JavaScript application for searching your crawled documents.

    Embed or integrate this application with your existing website UI. Learn more about Search UI →

  5. Next steps: Further optimize your website search results

    Continuing in the App Search UI, explore various tools to optimize search results and gain insights about your website search experience.